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Dead or alive, youre coming with me!

Posted by captainbeaky on July 27, 2007

well, its 1:13am and im just back from a works do. the place where we had the meal was great (fantastic food and relatively cheap drinks). Held a karaoke night later on after the meal which was great. much amusement and embarrassed faces! A good time was had by all. However – it was ruined by a suggestion of going to Rosies in Solihull, which I was informed was doing an 80’s night a la reflex. However, upon turning up at Rosies, it was playing utter shite house dance music and the place was full of copybook slags wearing A.N. Other top and crappy white hotpant style shorts. I thought house music didnt exist any more!!!!! Or am I just showing my age? It seems shitty 90’s dance music is alive and kicking in Solihull unfortunately! And now, the front room smells strangely of peas and the pastrami and rocket I asked becca to buy are not in the fridge (but black noodle thingys are!?!?) ho hum – im sure things will make much more sense when i wake up!ps – fan-bloody-tastic!!!! The end of robocop is on!!!!!!! I’ buy that for a dollar!!!!!!!!! Just at the but where emile get rammed into the toxic waste!!! superb! Now…….You have 20 seconds to comply!!!!


One Response to “Dead or alive, youre coming with me!”

  1. Captain Beaky said

    I thought i went on my computer when i got in, but I dont remember adding this entry! Too much shochu!!

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