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69 Dudes!!!!

Posted by captainbeaky on July 28, 2007

Well, you dont ask, you dont get. I asked for sun, and lo….here it is! Good stuff. Another great feeling has recently been provided by Guitar Hero 80’s for PS2. Rushing the onset of arthritis in my fingers shouldnt be this much fun, but I cant help but love it. Some proper good 80’s cheese in there, but my favourite has got to be Extremes, Play with me. Anybody thats seen Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure has heard this song – its playing when all the historical dudes are running around the mall towards the end. You know, Motzart is rocking out on the keyboards, So-crates and Billy the Kid runnign around, Genghis Khan is smashing up the sports shop, Joan of Arc doing the fitness class. Its bloody fantastic to play along to!! 


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