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Bad news for Chavs

Posted by captainbeaky on August 3, 2007

So, grand theft auto 4’s been put back to 2008. Cant say I really care – san andreas bored the arse off me at some points. and gta4 looked like more of the same.gta:sa – stereotypical hip hop black dudes + stereotypical down-trodden ruskies + spangly next gen graphics = gta 4. still get the same army of cretins buying it, saying stuff like “this is well good” and “sweet”. Looks like they’ll have to think of something else to shoplift this christmas. Be interesting to see how gta goes down with the aussies. I wonder if chavs exist over there? and what about hoodies – surely not! too hot for them I reckon. However, its fair to say that mentalists exist in australia. Except they have the common sense to send them over here! 


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