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Estate Agents = Pond Filth

Posted by captainbeaky on August 8, 2007

What the fuck is it with this “breed” of sub-human scum and idiot housebuyers? First we were supposed to have a viewing at 10am this morning, which was then cancelled. Then, the muppets ring me just as Im about to leave the house (to visit solicitors for emigration stuff)  and tell me there is a woman in the office who wants to….well…heres how it went.Stupid Fucking Estate Agent Representing A  Stupid Fucking Housebuyer: Hello Mr Hickinbottom, its Fuckface at Bairstow Eves. We have a woman in the office who wants to come around now to view your house. Me: Well I was about to pop out. Can she make it first thing tomorrow. S.F.E.A.R.A.S.F.H.: No. She can come around tonight at 7.30?Me: My parents are coming around tonight. How about Friday morning first thing?S.F.E.A.R.A.S.F.H.: No. Can she come around Saturday?Me: No. Ive got friends down on Saturday. Look, if she really wants to see it now, I’ll stay in for half hour or so, but then i REALLY have to go out. S.F.E.A.R.A.S.F.H.: Ok she will be over in 5 minutes. Queue me frantically tidying the house up, washing up, quick going over with the dustbuster, washing away etc….. then the phone ringsS.F.E.A.R.A.S.F.H.: Hello Mr Hickinbottom, its Shithead at Bairstow Eves again. the woman now said she cant make it right now after all. I’ll rearrange it for next week. Bye. WTF!?!?! Why do I even bother with these cretinous retards? Its probably just as well she didnt come around – if she cant be bothered keeping a timing schedule then she doesnt deserve my house. Useless slag!


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