Ya Flamin’ Galah!!!

Hickinbottom’s Aussie Ramblings


Posted by captainbeaky on August 14, 2007

A nice quiet day today (which surely is wrong considering we’ve only got 25 more days in England!). Cancelled more gubbins for when we leave. Had a look for more jobs, but not really anything that appeals. Well….not yet anyway. Give it another few weeks and I’ll apply for anything!Games stuff (for anyone interested….I guess youre the only one Andrew!). Finished The Darkness game, and started the Bioshock demo. To anyone who has a 360 or a PC, get the demo now and play what could possibly be the best game of the year. Amazing stuff. Yet another day goes by where folks who are meant to show up to have a house viewing FAIL to do so. But I’m not so mad today as the estate agents had to deal with it. 


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