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Bloody Sun!!!

Posted by captainbeaky on August 27, 2007

See the suns fingers…..well they reach down, through the skies, down to Kings Heath, through my window and cover the TV screen! Im sitting here with a lovely copy of Bioshock to run through, less than 2 weeks of playing left until we move, and all I can see is the bloody sun on my screen! It really is too late in the day for curtains/blinds so I reckon its time to pin a sheet over the window – this torture cant go on much longer! Bring back floods – at least I can play my game then – and the abundance of water would surely add to the atmosphere.

 In other news – its been a week of lasts. Last time at the Sanctuary, last time going shopping, last day of having our car. And in less than a week, last time we see all our friends too. Ah well, what you gonna do? Look at news stuff to buy, thats what. TV’s, phones, home cinema setups, cars – its all good! 


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