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I hate people!

Posted by captainbeaky on August 30, 2007

The truth is slowly starting to dawn on me….I hate the public. I had 2 simple tasks that involved interaction with the public today; Go to the post office to post a couple of parcels, and catch the bus. Turn up at the post office – full of dole scum! Despite the fact that it has one of those annoying “rats in a maze” style zig-zag queuing barriers thingies, the line was still out the door and onto the pavement. As I held back the rising chunks, I decided to give it a go. What a stupid decision – after 10 minutes of waiting with the dolies, the queue had moved 2 about a metre. Probably because they were all ill educated chavs who dont work…or bathe – god the stink in there was horrendous. So….fuck that, I’ll get the bus instead. Well, after waiting 20 minutes I’ll get the bus (whos incredulous timtetable simply states it will arrive “every few minutes” – thanks fucking very much!). Bus eventually turns up and the orderly queue that existed at the bus stop degenerated into a Primark Sale type free-for-all. And because the bus is late, its pretty full. And because the bus is late every stop on its route has at least half a dozen folks who want to get on. Now, Im a tall chap and cant sit facing forwards in the seats – I have to sit kind of diagonal on because of my long legs. Still, doesnt stop the pricks who sit next to me from looking at me (and probably tutting themselves to death, but seeing as I wear my headphones to block out teh shit rap music coming from  the back of this bus playing through somebody’s “awesome” non-tinny mobile phone, I couldnt say). So what am I supposed to do, fucking take my legs off? Kneel on the floor? Twats. I really dont know if its just Kings Heath that suffers from these sub-human scum. Is it Birmingham, or England? Either way I wont have to put up with these shits any longer. 


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