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Thanks god games have moved on!

Posted by captainbeaky on August 30, 2007

Dont ask me how, but I just stumbled upon this “awesome” video for the old Jurassic Park arcade lightgun game. Look…Worthy mention goes to the frantic samba beat music and the simple game premise of you driving around Jurassic Park, SHOOTING all of the Dinosaurs – this is Dinocide! But if you cant be bothered to watch the whole thing, skip to these bits for highlights!1:50 – Hear the blood curdling death throes as you viciously cut down hordes of Gallimimus. You could almost be there!6:30 – Seeeeeee the awesome-ness of you using a dinosaur as a ramp!!! surely the greatest videogame moment of all time!9:15 – Gasp as you see the life changing realism of a T-rex trying to jump over a hole in the ground…..and failing!13.25 – Watch in horror as you drive through your office only to be attacked by upside down Velociratpors on the ceiling, flocks of Pterodactyls, millions of those spitty frilly dinosaurs and about 12 Triceratops. 15:55 – See the awful game design, as the player was obviously intended to kill the t-rex by this point in the level. So they have come up with the fantastic game dynamic of having the t-rex trap its prey against a gate, then attack it, only to run away. then….attack it again…..run away…….attack it again – genius!16:55 – Laugh with Alan Grant and that woman who was in it, as both of these revered paleontologists, joke next to the still warm corpse of the t-rex theyve just murdered! I was waiting for them to cut out its heart and eat it!Awesome!!!


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