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Post Office Scum Mk2

Posted by captainbeaky on August 31, 2007

So it seems not only are the folks on this side of the counter the only stupid pricks in the building.So I go in (after standing for another 15 minutes with the pond scum that resides in there) and ask if their travel insurance covers one way trips. The lady goes away and says “I dunno, best have a look in this book”, so she fishes out a leaflet. After a minute of flicking through the manual she says “oooo I cant find it, best ring this number or have a look online”. So now I tell her that the online page for the travel insurance has 2 DIFFERENT sets of terms and conditions, one that tells me its ok for one way travel, one that tells me its not. She replies “oooooo yeah…..they can never get it right online, can they” WHAT? Are you fucking kidding me? ITS THE SAME FUCKING COMPANY YOU WITCH! So now Im left with the only remaining option – to ring them AGAIN. I already rang them yesterday and they told me “dont worry, the one that tells me its ok for one way travel is the right one”. Right. Thanks. How reassuring – there is plain black and white legally binding text on the screen, telling me to tick a box to say that its NOT valid one way, and its now superseeded by some thick-ass phone jockey who says dont worry – bunch of fucking ingrates. So there you go – to all you dim, mentally challenged dole scum out there, if you DO want to get a job, get one at the post office – it seems you’ll fit right in with the rest of the thickies!


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