Ya Flamin’ Galah!!!

Hickinbottom’s Aussie Ramblings


Posted by captainbeaky on September 6, 2007

Its a sad day – my 360 is now unplugged, boxed and starting its journey to Australia. How am I going to cope with no Xbox for nearly 2 weeks?!?!? Fair do’s I’m starting a new life and all, but thats not the point….NO XBOX!!!! Lets hope everything has arrived and is in good nick for Halo 3. If the Call of Duty 4 demo has done anything for me, its rekindle my love of a good online shooter. And now I cant play any for 2 weeks! BWUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAA…… B B B B B…..BWUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAA!


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