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Posted by captainbeaky on September 12, 2007

Phew! Busy day today. Still not sleeping right so was up at 6.30am. Gave me chance to catch up on some reading and DS’ing though. Then got the tram into Melbourne…Took about 15 minutes, was cheap, comfortable and clean. Very impressed….but even more impressed with the city centre. Its bloody huge!!!! Got a ton of great shops, and even more nice places to eat. Managed to get some useful stuff sorted. Got myself an aussie mobile number now (so anyone reading this that has my old number, consider it dead now – I’ll email facebook you the new number), and got our bank account sorted….by the nicest man on earth!!!!! I was always under the impression that people who work in banks were filth of the highest calibre, but this guy was fantastic! Sorted out our banks account, internet banking, talked to us about mortgages, insurance, mobile phones, the fires in greece, and the best places to drink in St Kilda! After we’d got the boring (but important stuff sorted), we decided to mill around to get our bearings. Melbourne has so many great little shops…and from my perspective, it has possibly the greatest shop on earth!!! Its called JB Hifi  and its elss everything I love! Sat navs, computers, computer stuff, consoles, games, home entertainment setups, digital cameras, ipods and even has a fantastic collection of CD’s (brand new, retailing at the equivalent of just over £7!!!) I with held the overwhelming urge to spend a ton of cash until I have a job!Finally, we went to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (film museum to you and me!) as tehre was a Pixar exhibition on. There were a ton of early sketches from all their films, concept models, actual models they used to scan into the computers for animation, lods of screens interviewing the animators, storyboard stuff and the most amazing zoetrope Ive ever seen.Even this vid doesnt really do it justice – its amazing.  Caught teh tram back home after this as I was knackered from early start and this damn cold! No great plans for tomorrow. Going to have a mozy around St kilda to see if we can find a more long term rent. This place is booked up come the end of October, so going to look for something else, probably with 2 bedrooms so we have somewhere to put our stuff when it arrives. AND somewhere that has better internet. Im just about coping with it at the moment, but Im not goinng to be happy once my Xbox gets here!!! 


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