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Quiet Day

Posted by captainbeaky on September 13, 2007

Fairly uneventful day today. had a stroll down to St Kilda and had a look around the shops this time. Bought 2 t shirts for $35! So thats about £15! Bargain. Spent most of our time looking for estate agents and seeing what nice apartments there are. The answer seems to be… “lots” ……but not for 6 months lease. Theyre all a years lease,  so still got to keep looking. However, am excited by the fact that we found 2 indie pub/bars, one of them just at the bottom of the road! We also found the bar where the “neighbours night” is on. Its in St Kilda and its on every Monday. Seems to be some of the cast go down there  and perform and you can hang out with them – exciting!!!Still got a cold up to the eye balls so feeling pretty miserable. Just feel like sleeping all day :o( On teh plus side we saw a pug today. And some cockatoos making a nest in a palm tree. Had to double take that this IS where we are living! 


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