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Lovely Day!

Posted by captainbeaky on September 15, 2007

I feel i must apolagise to anyone who is reading this expecting this blog to be me ranting and raving about crap stuff thats annoyed me. But so far, nothing has really annoyed me since being here (well, apart from my cold, but how can you be annoyed at a virus!). It really is just fantastic here. Its been a fantastic idilic sunny day, Went into Melbourne again and up to the book market (not really that cheap to be honest) then around chinatown, which makes Birmingham’s chinese quarter look like a take-out. Ate several platefuls of various dumplings and dim-sum (or dimsim as it appears to be here) then strolled around Melbourne a bit more. Still got all of the docklands and the casino bit to have a look at, let alone all the surrounding suburbs. Got back quite late but had time to go and have a look around another rental place, which was a bit big, but got another one to see soon, which is in a good location so fingers crossed. Dunno if we are going to the pub later as Im shockingly tired. Combination of the cold, exhaustion from a day strolling about and the weirdness of going from 5.30am-9.30pm daylight in the UK to 6.45am-6.30pm daylight. Oh, and Andy, we even found an video-arcade today in the chinese quarter that had various taiko and mental japanese drumming games in it. 


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