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Posted by captainbeaky on September 16, 2007

Ive finally found a native aussie “sport” that I like….V8 supercars. Its kinda like touring cars in the UK (souped up saloon cars that bash each other around a track whilst racing) but with more powerful motors. Its also got a good engineering thingy that they bring up whenever anyone has a problem. They listen in on the team radio to see what the problem is, then bring up a CAD 3D computer model of the said part and show you whats wrong with it, and how it should work and what it does. Probably nobody but me will find that even the slightest bit interesting, but I dont care….I like it! Just to demonstrate how nuts everyone is about aussie rules (I refuse to call it football – speaking of which, got match of the day downloading as we speak!) they interrupted the race for a “newsflash” to tell you that…….one player had left a club to go to another….WHO CARES!!! I expected them to say he’d been killed, or something! They used the term “…he defected to …..”!!! Makes it sound so nefarious and evil!Been looking into a lot of tech stuff today. New LCD TV’s, wireless headphones, broadband packages etc…. so all the GOOD stuff! Broadband is a bit more expensive here, and theres no such thing as having unlimited downloads, but on the other hand, its all ADSL2+ too, so thats 24MB downloads and 2.5MB uploads. Nice! And before you moan about how selfish I am to spending money I dont have, Becca’s been doing it too! Found a place in Melbourne that has 40% off Kitchenaid mixers so going to have a look tomorrow. Been pretty subdued today. Went into St Kilda 1st thing to get the sunday papers (which are half the price, and double the amount of stuff you get with them) and got some brekky. After reading them we went down to the “Espy” (aussies have the strange habit of shortening EVERYTHING by either putting a “y” or an “o” halfway along the original word) or the Esplanade that runs along the coast to visit the St Kilda craft market that runs every Sunday. Becca got a new hat (can be seen in Facebook!) and we saw a lot of good dogs. Got my 1st “slab” of beers in too – fair dinkum!


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