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We Will Be Fat Pigs in a Few Weeks!

Posted by captainbeaky on September 17, 2007

Bit of a lazy day today. Went into Melbourne again to have a look at TV’s, and housey stuff. Can get soem proper cheap stuff. 26″ HD LCD TV for £350! Fair enough its a non-heard of make, but even the Ssmsungs and LG’s are going for about £450. Ate the best sushi Ive ever had and stopped off in St Kilda later for afternoon tea and cakes. Found a great nik-nak shop in St Kilda too. You know, the kind of shop that sells Allesi stuff, posh bits and bobs, funky lights etc…. which is very dangerous, as we are now only minutes away from pointless crap to clutter up our place! Found that books here are quite expensive too -about £12 for a paperback. Maybe something to do with there being no Amazon. Also, Rice Krispies are called Rice Bubbles, and Weetabix is now called Weet-bix! Still think the stupidest Australianism is Manchester! For those who dont know Manchester (at least over here anyway) are bed spreads, sheets, duvets, linen etc….. Its just daft!And on teh recommendation of Andy, Ive changed the name of the blog. I dont know if this is temporary, or permanent, but it did seem a bit strange to have a blog called “grumpy grumblings” with me not having a bad word to say about the place. Nearly every post is a shining recommendation of Australian life, hence the name change. Whether my grumpiness was associated with England, or whether Im just in the honeymoon period, I dont know. At the moment, Im very happy, so the name sticks!


One Response to “We Will Be Fat Pigs in a Few Weeks!”

  1. GG Lavery said

    Yo’ve changed mate. I want more bile and acid commentary, if you like Australia so much…why don’t you go live there then……Oh.

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