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Posted by captainbeaky on September 18, 2007

Sorry Gareth, but still nothing to moan about here! Its just fantastic. Decided to get out of the apartment later today as we wanted to eat tea in Melbourne. Gave me a chance to watch last Saturdays Match of the Day I downloaded – so good to see some PROPER football again! Anyway, we left about 1:30, on a fantastically sunny day, and got off the tram early to have a walk around the river and the casino bit. The casino was very posh (nothing like Vegas) and it had a huge cinema at the top (which we are going to see Ratatouille at this week – its been out ages here!). Had a stroll along the Yarra river (past the HUGE mcg – Melbourne Cricket Ground) then on to the botanical gardens. Botanical gardens were bloody fantastic. So quiet, sunny, palm trees – it was just great! And we managed to see a grey poodle knocking about that I thought looked funny, and had an alarming similarity to Sweep, from Sooty and Sweep! As soon as I said this Becca couldnt stop laughing. Which wasnt really helpful when we stopped for a cuppa a bit later on, and the guy with the poodles came and sat opposite us! I was trying to take a sneaky photo of Sweep, all the time Becca was chuckling to herself, and trying to stifle laughs! Anyway, I slyed a couple of shots of the dog, so it all went well!Had a walk back into town after that but Becca couldnt decide where to eat (what a bloody surprise – Becca….indecisive!), and neither of us were really hungry, so we went back to St Kilda. Then,  I remembered a really good burger place I had seen folks eating at a few days ago, so we ate there. God damn they were good burgers!!! And the chips…..awwwwww, god they were some the tastiest chips Ive ever eaten! Also saw a great linen shop called…. well, look at my facebook photo’s!Oh, and I bought the Zombie Chew I saw a couple of days ago! Apple-sour-tastic! Oh, and another myth to dispel – you CAN get HP sauce over here – its even made in the same state! You can even get Marmite in the supermarkets! And….praise the lord – Wild Turkey is available EVERYWHERE!!!! You can even buy pre-mixed bottles of the stuff with cola. Same with most other spirits. Very strange seeing a 6 can pack of JD + coke though!I just found out where Ikea is so probably going there tomorrow. Then Friday is the big one….The Royal Melbourne Show! Ive reluctantly agreed to go with Becca, seeing as she missed out on the equally (ha!) awesome Newbury Show this year. At least in Melbourne I get to see dogs, and a piglet race!!! Go piggies, go!!!! Looser gets barbecued!! 


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