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Posted by captainbeaky on September 20, 2007

Im going to keep this short as Im not enjoying looking at the screen. I’ll post more tomorrow on what we got up to today, as I dont feel well. Since the flight, my hearing has been all messed up, which I thought was probably due to flying combined with having a cold. You know, pressure messing up ears, sinus stuff blah blah blah. But Ive been to the pharmacy, got halfway through a pack of flu remedy tablets, and had an entire course of sudafed decongestant tablets, with no effect at all. Its like someone has their ears permanently over my ears. Its horrible – like I only have 80% of my hearing.  Keep having to repeat myself and I have no idea how loud Im being when I talk, but according to Becca Im whispering everything.  So today (amongst other things) I went and signed up for Medicare (kind of like the Oz version of a Medical Card but you have to pay to see someone) so am going to Doctors tomorrow to get it sorted out. From what the pharmacist said, and from what I can see off the internet, its probably an ear infection. Just need some antibiotics to sort it out.  That and a stinking headache and sinus pains has pretty much taken the shine off today, so am going to veg in front of the TV and get an early night. WIll post more once Ive been to the docs.


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