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Posted by captainbeaky on September 24, 2007

….until I will have a copy of Halo 3 in my hands!!! And judging by the early reviews (most of which Ive avoided but looked at the score anyway) it will be worth the wait! Everything is falling into place. At 11.00 today, I received our air freight package, at 2.30 I received my TV. Hooked up my 360, and it works a charm. Even the wireless on the 360 is working perfectly – downed the Sega Rally demo which I intend to try out in a bit. I’ll post a some pics on facebook of my new setup too – its fantastic!The plan for tomorrow is, get up early, get in town for about 8am, get a copy of Halo 3, and chatpad to ease my messaging woes, get home then make my eyes bleed by playing Halo all day! I apologise in advance for anyone who doesnt like videogames for tomorrows post. I expect it to be mostly about Halo 3 and how damn fine it is, but who knows, something exciting might happen (but not today kind of exciting – 2 trams and a car crashed just up the road but no one killed). Speaking of which, amusing piece in the paper today about a tram driver that is in court for crashing his late night tram, cos he was too busy watching 2 teenagers having sex behind him! His excuse in court was “but it was incredible your honour, they were in all kinds of silly positions”! Class!


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