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Lughole Update…..

Posted by captainbeaky on September 24, 2007

….primarily for my parents. Just got back from the doc’s, and he says it doesnt sound like its serious. Just keep on taking decongestants, and get some nasal decongestant too. He said the fact that my hearing came back when I got back on the 2nd flight suggests it IS just a mucus problem. That tube in the bottom right of the picture above, is probably gummed shut with muck. So Im gonna pop down to the pharmacy and get some more stuff. If it hasnt cleared up by this time next week, Ive got to back and he will refer me to an ear specialist. But lets hope it doesnt come to that, MOM! I know thats what youre thinking! Dont you get bloody worrying! Or the next webchat will be you speaking to my arse on screen!


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