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Posted by captainbeaky on September 25, 2007

Well, I warned that I would probably be going on an don about Halo 3 today, but Im going to limit it, as most folks reading this wont be into games, and the more time Im typing this, the less time Im playing Halo! Got it no problem (the limited edition) and the chatpad (and they threw in a free Halo 3 fleece which is nowhere near as hideous as it sounds – its actually quite nice). Both the chatpad and the game are fantastic, brilliant, superb etc….. I really am surprised. Halo 2 was good but it never really grabbed me, but this is SOOOO good. To anyone who fancies buying it, play it on heroic (one up from normal) as it provides a much better challenge. The set piece battles are more frenetic, and the big old Brute Chieftans really are a force to be reckoned with. I wont spoil it y saying anything specific but the new weapons are great. If you are reading this and have a 360, ignore the hype and just buy this game. I literally spent an hour sorting out my controls, character, emblem etc…..! Reckon I wont be going multiplayer with this for a few days. Give the really good players a chance to rank up above the noobs (me included) so hopefully wont get mullered when I first jump in. Should also give me chance to find the subtler sides of the new weapons and equipment. In other news, our money came threw into our oz bank account today! Yay! and they gave us $120 as I sent them a snotty email to compensate us for the cock up. Dunno what we are up to tomorrow, but Im guessing it involves a lot of Halo 3 play! wooo hoooooo!


2 Responses to “WOW!”

  1. bluerizla said

    Thanks for the Halo 3 update, 1 problem!!!! It doesn’t come out over here till tomorrow!!! I’m currently sat here sulking.
    Dan Crook

  2. Captain Beaky said

    strange. its not even anything to do with time difference. US and Oz release 25th, Erupoe 26th?!? strange! Anyhow, its awesome!!

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