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Posted by captainbeaky on September 26, 2007

….guess what Ive been doing? Give in? HALO 3!!!! It really is good though! I dont know whether its because Im playing it on a bigger screen, or whether its because Im using headphones ( its more immersive….and it doesnt drive Becca mad!) but its REALLY is like crack – so addictive! Just need faster internet before I attempt online play.Not been up to anything else really. Applied for a job, but they rang back and told me its only for 3 months. Becca is still flu’d up to the eyeballs so hasnt got out of her pyjamas in 2 days! We were planning to go to town tomorrow to get a cable for Becca to use the main TV as a monitor for the mac mini, then gt our drivers licenses sorted, but my ipod touch is saying its due for delivery, so will have to wait in, or I will get charged for postage AGAIN if I miss it! Swines!Hearing is still rubbish too. Religiously taking decongestant pills, nasal spray and trying to pop my ears constantly (to the point where I feel like Im actually popping my eyes out instead!) If it hasnt cleared up Im gonna have to go back to the docs – its doing my head in! No photo’s to post as we havent really been out, and the weather is a cooler here at the mo. We promise to do stuff soon……just as doon as i finish Halo 3……… ;o)


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