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Part 2

Posted by captainbeaky on September 28, 2007

So today we went over to the Vicroads building to sort out our driving things, where there was bad news and good news. Bad news is my UK theory test counts for nothing over here so I have to take the Australian Theory test too! Poo! Good news is that because I have held a provisional license for many moons, the compulsory 3 months of having your learner permit before applying for your test has been waived. SOOO one one hand I have to take the tests again (but Ive already learnt the basics from the UK test, and you can take entire mock tests for free on the Vicroads website), but I can have as many lessons as I want per week, and take my practical test whenever Im ready. I dont have to wait 3 months. To be honest, Id rather have it this way. Another theory test should be a cinch and , and should I get a job miles away, I can sort out my test straight away, without having to wait until Christmas time. Got myself Sega Rally today too. Traded in Colin McRae: Dirt for it. In the end, it only cost me $40! Thats £17 for you not in the know! Also we found a shop for Becca  – a bloody huge 2nd book shop which she’s already found a ton of books to buy for subsequent visits. She already bought 3 on this visit!Been a pretty crappy day here weather wise. Full of spring showers, sun and a really nasty strong, cold wind. Supposed to brighten up after the weekend though. 


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