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Posted by captainbeaky on October 31, 2007


This time the picture servers no other purpose other than it being totally bizarre, and it made me laugh! I wanted to find something 20,000 related seeing as Id just broke the 20,000 gamerscore points (see right) on my 360, but strangely, this picture was one of the top results! Odd!


Done nothing today, other than the afforementiond xbox playing. Probably gonne get up early tomorrow so we can go to ikea and get  load of housey things. Gonna have to get a cab back too, as Becca wants a beanbag (for when she uses the computer) and I want a table (to put stuff on/under in the front room). And seeing as we dont have a car, its the next best thing. Still no more news on the job front. The agency hasnt heard anything of yet, but Ive asked them to keep an eye open for other opportunities. Keep all bases covered. Still really depressing though, after getting my hopes up so much.   


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Phone/Ear/Job/Neighbour stuff

Posted by captainbeaky on October 30, 2007

telephone2.jpgBeen a day of news today. Some of it exciting, some of it not so exciting, whcih has the final result of making me feel “meh”. They cancel each other out. SO on with the news…. 

Phone – a Testra engineer came over at 3pm to try to find the line fault. Checked the main line in the street (ok), checked the main switchboard thingy (ok) and and checked our phone socket (not ok).  So this means that the problem is from the switchboard to our phone socket, which isnt Telstra’s responsibility, its the buildings owners responsibility. SO rang our landlord, to ring the owners to fix it. Top and bottom of it is they are getting a private telecoms guy to come over and fix it. Gonna give him a ring tomorrow to sort out a visiting time. Either way, I dont think it will be fixed anytime soon, but we’ll see. Was really good when we were trying to find the switchboard though. Just through kindness, we had 4 other folks from the apartment block helping us try to sort it out. Was great – couldnt have imagined that in the UK.  :o(

Ears – basically, they’re fine. There is no infection, it was just some leftover muck that was being discharged. He had a look down each ear, and the grommets are still intact, and everything looks normal. Next time he wants to see me is February. :o)

Got an email a hour ago basically saying that the positions at Boeing stand a chance of being put on hold, and possibly withdrawn completely. Not got any reason yet, but the agency guy said he’s trying to confirm this and see why.   :o(

The neighbour opposite introduced herself today (we tried yesterday but she had a facepack on so said she would contact us today!). Nice girl, about our age called Anneka, whos lived her for 5 months or so, but in St Kilda all her life. Anyhow, after a brief chat she invited us out with a bunch of her friends this weekend. Dont know if it was a genuine offer or just said a passing comment, but I’d like to get out and about and meet folks, so heres hoping. Will see on Saturday.  :o)

So there you have it. For every piece of good news, we have bad news. I suppose its better than all bad news though so cant be all that bad. I just feel really down if that job is gone. It would have been perfect. Real close to home, well paid, high profile company. Poohsticks!

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Posted by captainbeaky on October 29, 2007

114_1444_slow_street_in_london.jpgSorry for the lack of post yesterday. It was half becuase I forgot, and half because the net is bloody slow. And I mean BLOODY slow. 2 hours to download 52mb slow. I cant wait to get rid of it now! ANd I still cant cos our phone line isnt operational yet. Testra say theres a fault on the line which should hopefully be fixed tomorrow, then its all systems go for ADSL2+. 

Not done much at all over the past couple of days. Had a walk around the new area, done some shopping, got some better peanut butter and just off out to get some more beer.  Thats pretty much it! Off to the docs tomorrows for a post-op inspection. After the excitement of the past week, with moving house, automatic cars and hospital operations, everything seems very normal and boring at the moment (not that I want to go to hospital again!).

ps – its taken me 4 minutes to write this post, 5 minutes to find and resize the picture, and 25 minutes attempting to frickin post it to the web! Im pretty pissed off to say the least >:o/

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Eyes of the hawk! Strength of the bear! Speed of the snail….

Posted by captainbeaky on October 27, 2007

istockphoto_2113432_snail_s_slow_connection_2.jpgBloody internet is damn slow today. Tried webcam chat with my folks but it was really choppy. Not long now until I can ditch this shit and get a proper connection.

Anyway, been a nice day today. Was real hot, probably about 28 degrees or so. We went into Melbourne to do some shopping, and came back with all the things we went for! Netgear Skype phone (to make cheapo phone calls via the internet), new headphones for me and Crook (Crooks broke and mine sound like crap now with my “new” ears!) and some loose leaf tea that I had at a cafe a few weeks back thats super tasty, and some fruity bagels.  All I want now is a decent net connection! Its driving me mad!

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Moving Experts!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 26, 2007

movin.jpgFirstly, before I ramble on…I can still hear! Woo hoo!! Got a bit of watery discharge this morning, which is mentioned in the “aftercare” leaflets I was given. The doc who did the operation rang me today and I told him about the discharge. he mentioned about a possible infection and said if its still like it on Monday, to make an appointment to go see him on Tuesday and he will sort me out with some antibiotic eardrops. Other than that, its great to be able to hear again!

Right, now onto house stuff. Finished the last of our packing this morning and went to get our rental car, which was a Nissan something or other. Was a fairly big hatchback sized car…and was automatic. As a consequence, we ended up driving everywhere like an epileptic having a fit. The car was spasming rather than driving down the road as Ms Crook couldnt get the hang of the fact that her left foot was on the brake, NOT the clutch! Wasnt what you would call smooth! 

Anyway, we drove back and did 3 runs over to the new apartmentand all our stuff was dropped off. The new place is much bigger than the last one. Real impressed with it. So many good little cupboards and storage spaces about the place. Only downside is the front room is a bit dark, but the back gets the sun on the afternoon so its a trade off. Its a great place! Sorted out  changes of address with bank and medicare too. Also got the phone line “turned on” by Telstra so proper internet should be forthcoming. We DO have a phone number now, but Im not sending it out to folks as we are off to buy a Skype phone tomorrow. That too will have its own phone number, and calls to that will only be charged at local rates, so you/we can natter for ages! Gonna sort out Foxtel soon, which is the Oz equivalent of Sky. 

As well as the Skype phone, we’re probably off to Melbourne tomorrow to get some boxes/storage stuff for our clothes and some general housey stuff. Is good now we’re in somewhere at least semi-permanent. We can start buying nice stuff and things that we will keep, rather than just making do for a week or 2. Is meant to be 30 degrees tomorrow too, so another scorcher!  

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Hospital/Ears Special!!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 25, 2007


Well, I’ll cut to the chase before I go into detail – MY EARS WORK!!!!!!! WOoOoOoO HoOoOoOo!!!! 

Got into hospital on time and got undressed/dressed into lovely arse-hanging-out-the-back gown and dressing gown. Filled out a load of forms and then listened to my ipod for a bit. Called me through to the bed, then wheeled me down to the theatre (forgot how fun this was!). Got into theatre and they anaesthetised me (needle in back of hand). Next thing I knew, I woke up in the recovery room and could hear! Was a bit crackly and poppy at first, but thats cos there was still some residual waterey discharge, which I mopped up . The most painful part was when they ripped off the tape on the back of my hand that was keeping the needley thing in! Ouch! 

It feels really strange. My right ear (the good one) is a bit sore but nothing to write home about. My left ear is perfect, so odds are I had some degree of hearing loss BEFORE this problem. Maybe through years of gigs/clubs and walkman/ipod listening, so in actual terms Im back to “normal.  Its odd now – my brain had got used to my left ear being crap and my right ear being good. Now it seems like my left ear is bionic and my right ear is normal. Will probably take me a  couple of days to adjust, but the important thing is I CAN HEAR!!!!

Will pack up the last of our thigns a bit later then do a bit of cleaning. Moving at 10am tomorrow so will give us time to get things sorted during the rest of the day.  All in prefect 2 ear style action!!!

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Not even Wensleydale?!?

Posted by captainbeaky on October 24, 2007

gromit.jpgWent to the docs this morning and its yet again, good news/bad news but I got bored of using that same old picture! Got to go to the hospital and have that operation I talked about (make incision in my ear drum, put a grommet in [no, not a plasticine dog!] and drain the gunk out). the good news is Ive made the appointment, and am going in tomorrow! Good eh? Is pretty quick, but its a private hospital so Im paying for it. Havent taken out health insurance of yet as was waiting to see if I got it as a perk of a job, but thats by the by. I just want it fixed, regardless of cost. The bad news is that it looks like there has been some permanent damage. He did a hearing test on both ears, and while my right ear is normal, my left ear isnt. Ive lost sensitivity in the high frequency range, which he said has probably been caused by the pressure build up in my ears causing barometric damage to the cochlea. But I’d take that over having hearing like Im constantly underwater. And whats done is done, and nothing I can do can undo it so no point crying over spilt milk. Im just pleased that by this time tomorrow I’ll be able to hear again! Wooo hoooo!

So Im going into the hospital  tomorrow  at 7am, so no food/drinks after midnight tonight, and my operation is at 8.30am. It wont take any more than 20 minutes to do the operation, and shouldnt be in any pain afterwards which is a bonus. Just keeping me in the hospital bed for a few hours afterwards so I can get over the anesthetic (its general). The only ongoing thing after theyve put the grommets in is that I will have to wear ear plugs whenever I have a shower, to stop water getting in and starting an infection. The grommets should drop out after a few months. 

So there you go. An informative, if hectic, news day. Oh yeah, we’ve arranged the house move for first thing on Friday now. The landlady was very understanding, and we dont really want to be moving, with me all groggy after the anesthetic and Becca having to struggle with everything. So thats made life a bit easier. 

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Early Bird….

Posted by captainbeaky on October 24, 2007


So here I am, up at 4.30am to watch the football. And I had to get up relatively early for the hospital appointment anyway. Its rare footy is on terrestrial TV here in oz, so Im taking full advantage. Its the Rangers vs Barcelona game, and so far, its a damn good one. Its like the Alamo for Rangers though. But theyre defending well so its making it a good match to watch. The Chelsea match is on tomorrow morning too, so it will be another early get up.

 Ha! Just sen an advert for a Ford 4×4 called (in gravelly aussie voiceover man tone) “The Ford Territory”!!! Could they try to make it more masculine?! Maybe if they called it the “The new Ford Beer”! Or maybe go for the ultimate…”Introducing….the brand new Ford Man”! 

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Today, I have been mostly doing……

Posted by captainbeaky on October 23, 2007

xbox360waterballoon220406a.jpgDidnt really fancy doing anything else. Saving the pennies etc…… So started the day on Flatout, which I have to say is one of the best arcade racers Ive played. A ton of fun, an amazing amount of stuff on screen with no slowdown, and a huge single player component. 

Started on Orange Box after that. Portal is amazing! The gist of the game is you have a gun that can fire 2 coloured portals onto any surface. If you walk into the 1st portal, you come out of the second. So in its simplest sense, you walk into a room with a huge gap in the middle, separating you from the exit. How do you cross the gap? Fire the first portal on the wall next to you, and fire the next portal onto the wall on the other side of the gap. Simple. But it gets much harder than that. You maintain momentum when you go into 1, then out the other. You can drop objects through them. You can fire them at the ceiling so you drop down when you walk into one. Its hard to explain, but its REALLY clever and extremely addictive. Had a go of Half Life 2 quickly, and its as good as it always was. I’ll rifle through the main game then start on Episode 1 and 2. I’ll leave Team Fortress until I get a better broadband connection. Which shouldnt be too long….

Only 2 more days left in this place now. Will start packing and boxing the few belongings we have tomorrow. Shouldnt take too long. The biggest problem we have here at the moment is no Visa cards. The bank card here arent debit cards (I think Ive already mentioned it) but it makes it very hard to buy stuff online, or in this case, book a hire car. We are having to use our UK cards for the moment, but once we move into our new place, we’ll get Bopo cards. Theyre like debit cards, but you charge them like pay-as-you go debit cards. You can transfer money onto them by online banking, or text. You have to pay a fee for all this, but its cheaper than using our UK cards. Will sort us out until the Commonwealth Bank roll out a debit card. 

 As I said, tomorrow will be packing day, haircut day for Becca, and hospital day for me. Going back to the Doc’s for a repeat visit on my hearing problem. To be honest, its not really improved in the two weeks since my last visit. The blocked nose and cough has gone but still got a load of muck rolling around inside my ear. Hopefully he’ll be able to sort something out tomorrow rather than book ANOTHER appointment.  Ive had enough of it now, and it will cost me a fortune! 

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Welcome to Melbourne

Posted by captainbeaky on October 22, 2007

rain1.jpg32 degrees and scorching one day, 17 and raining the next! Ah well, it makes things more interesting. I couldnt stand it if it were 32 degrees constantly.  

Didnt do much today. Marvellous news about Lewis “choke” Hamilton! Oh well, theres always next season. Went to town to buy a few things. Shorts, nasal spray, and traded in Sega Rally for Orange Box. The games shop staff here are great. I couldnt see it on the shelves, which is no surprise considering its not out until Thursday. I just asked if they had it out back, they said yes and sold me a copy! Will give it a spin later, but I doubt I’ll get the best out of it until I get a decent internet connection.  Ah well, only a few days to go until I can get the ball rolling. 

 Spoke to the landlady today to sort out the specifics of our move on Thursday. Paid the up-front rent too. All we have to do now is get a hire care sorted then start packing. Will get the car sorted tomorrow, as we dont really have anything else on the cards. Oh……Mom and Dad – that letter you sent ACTUALLY got here! Only 5 weeks after you sent it!  

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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 21, 2007

thermometer.gifGod damn its warm today! The news said 31 degree’s but it felt much more than that. Its still shorts and tee-shirt weather, and its 8pm! Feels about 23/24 degree’s now. Its been good though, as its been cloudy and sunny, rather than relentless sun all the time.

So as expected, we went down to St Kilda pier to get the ferry into Williamstown. Was great! What would have probably taken us an hour, to get from one side of Melbourne bay to another, it took 20 minutes! Williamstown is quite small, and more of a place to live than a “destination”. We also had our first crap experience at a restaurant. Well….I did.

They placed us outside (ok) but next to a bush that was teeming with bee’s and these strange wasp/fly thingies that were huge, but didnt bother us that much. More a visual thing. You see lots of insects and start getting itchy. However the thousands of tiny, miniscule flys climbing our drinks and hurling themselves in to a cider-ey grave DID annoy. I took the care to fish all of the tiny corpses out, Becca couldnt be bothered with her drink and supped them down! It took an hour for the food to come, and when mine eventually came it was pretty sub-standard. Calamari like rubber. However, Becca’s was OK. Service was lousy too, so we finished our drinks, paid and left. No tip for you! However, for nearly 7 weeks of on-and-off eating out, to come this far and only JUST have a crap experience is pretty good I reckon.

Walked back to the main Williamstown plaza and had a tasty ice cream while we waited for the ferry back. On which, while approaching St Kilda pier, someone spotted 2 dolphins close by playing in the water. Even though I dont like dolphins very much (attention seeking whores!) I had to have a look, just to say I had seen wild dolphins just down the road from where I live! And now I’ve said it!

Had an email a couple of days ago saying our shipping stuff has left the UK and it should reach us in the middle of November. Much sooner than I expected. I was hoping to watch the deciding round of the Grand Prix today…until I relaised it wasnt on until 3am. Pooh!!! Ah well, fingers crossed for Hamilton. No grand plans for tomorrow. I think I will pop into town tomorrow to trade in Sega Rally, buy some shorts and have a general mosey about.

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Phew! What a Scorcher!!!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 20, 2007

c2.jpgIts been shockingly warm here today. About 27 degrees. Slowly beginning to realise that its not like the UK here with regards to the hottest part of the day. Back in the UK it always seemed that the hottest period was between 12 and 1pm, but here its consistently about 3 – 4.30pm. Odd, but nice.

Went to South Yarra again today to buy nice stuff to eat. Got some tasty dips (for tomorrow but more on that later) and a “gnocchi for 2 pack” that contains enough gnocchi for 4, a tub of homemade pesto and some Parmesan, for about £5! Got there too late though and there wasnt any pastrami or and bagels left, so will get them from South Melbourne market on Wednesday.Didnt manage to trade in Sega Rally, as I didnt take any ID with me (I later found out that its a state law that you have to show photo ID when trading in games!).

While we were in Melbourne, we ate at the metro centre, and I had a ton of tasty Japanese food. Im loving Yakatori and Gyoza, so made a pig of myself. Whilst there, we noticed a bunch of folks, who appeared to be having a “meet” to discuss, dress, play with and parade their creepy Japanese dolls, like the one in the picture above. They were horrible! Putting us off our food – but I managed to track them down on the net, here. Whatever floats your boat I suppose! After coming home, we went back into St Kilda, to get some cider and have a walk about. Whilst there we got a couple of ice creams (I got a tasty double cone of white chocolate with raspberry, and a scoop of hazelnut roche), then went down to the beach to eat it. I cant express what a surreal feeling it is, knowing that 6 weeks ago we were living in Kings Heath, and now, here we are, sitting on the beach, in our shorts cos its so hot in Spring, eating ice cream listening to the sea and watching the sunset. Its just amazing. I still cant believe we live here – its like paradise.

Anyway, its going to be even hotter tomorrow. Forecast of 32 degree’s. So the plan is to catch the ferry from St Kilda pier to Williamstown and have a look around. 


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Frustration >:o/

Posted by captainbeaky on October 20, 2007

jaquette_segarally_3601.jpg Well, Its got to go. Ive tried persevering, Ive tried  concentration, Ive tried playing it on “autopilot” – all with the same result – no progress! Its like the AI cars are on rails, and have at least 50 extra horses under the bonnet, can turn on a sixpence, and cannot be bashed off track. Im OK at racing games, but this has me stumped. Its not helped by the lack of tracks available. I was going to keep it, but straight after an annoying session on it, I played Sonic 2 on XBLA…and its just fantastic! Id completely forgotten the cave and hilltop zone! Fantastic game, put a smile right back on my face. And thats the kiss of death for Sega Rally. It puts a frown on my face, not a smile! So its a trade in tomorrow I reckon. Either for Half Life 2 OrangeBox, or more than likely, FIFA 08. In terms of an FPS, Id rather have COD 4 than HL2. Frustrating – only got 230/1000 points for it too. Still…..as far as i can see, its more than most folks got with it! 


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Posted by captainbeaky on October 19, 2007

In keeping with my renewed positive outlook and general optimistic feeling, I’ll be changing the name of this blog soon. “Spouting Bile” was angry, english, bitter, annoyed Neil. So, its time to kill that him, and usher in happy, content, new life, fair dinkum Neil!As a consequence of this, keep an eye on my Facebook profile for links to my new blog page, as when I change it, you will get a “page not found” message if you try to view the old name. Once Ive decided on a name, I’ll put it on here a day before I change it, so keep an eye out.  

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Hello world!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 19, 2007

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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My cats breath smells of cat food……

Posted by captainbeaky on October 18, 2007

Another day of not much happening. Didnt fancy doing anything, and that agrees with our lack of jobs. The highlight of my day, well the first highlight, was popping into an off license and finding they sold Magners, Aspalls, Tiger and Red Stripe! So I bought a 6 pack of local stuff (Im working my way through them so I can say, with experience which is the best brew) and a couple of big bottles of Tiger that were on special . The 2nd highlight of the day, was walking past the best burger place in St Kilda, called Grill’d and seeing the sandwich board they had up front which said

Come inside and “meat” the latest graduates from Bovine University!

…..hence the Ralph Wiggum related gubbins! 

the low light of the day was hearing about Englands pathetic loss to Russia! Wonderful – can things get any worse for them? Well, they can….we wont qualify! Just as well I didnt get up early to listen to it! I would have been livid. 

UPDATE!!! We are watching an awesome program called Inspector Rex, that is basically a cross between Lassie and Mcgyver, following the adventures of a German crime fighting dog! It has fantastic, 80’s euro-synth pop as backing music! Its superb!

UPDATE 2!!!! It also has topless women in it….and its only 7.30pm!!!! Could this be the best TV program ever created…….

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Today….we did……

Posted by captainbeaky on October 17, 2007

Thats right! Nothing! Well, tell a lie, Ive been pestering Becca to start applying for jobs for a few days now, and all she’s been saying s that she needs to sort her CV out. So today, she sorted out her CV and applied for 4 jobs. While I played Xbox! And we did this until 6pm. The only time we ventured out of the apartment was to get ingredients for our tea. What an exciting life we lead! Not sure of plans for tomorrow, but Im guessing it wont be half as thrilling as todays escapades! 

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and dont call me Shirley!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 16, 2007

Feel really positive today. Went for that pre-interview interview with the job agency and it went really well. The position (of which there are 10!) is for a Quality Engineer with a bit of Manufacturing, which couldnt be more perfect. Its office work, accompanied with shop floor work too, which again, is exactly what Im after. He was saying that the company, Hawker de Haviland, which is basically Boeing, has a massive order for the 787 plane, above. It has more work planed over the next 3 years than it has had in the past 10. The nitty gritty – it pays $67k (£28,600) with a compulsory pension contribution of 9%, so in essence the salary is actually $74k (£31,600) which is fantastic! They offer paid overtime, or time off in lieu, they work on a flexi-time, theres a guaranteed pay rise of 5% next year, and 5% the year after and its all in Port Melbourne, which, like Toyota, is just up the coast. I REALLY want this job, and the interviewer said I sound ideal for a quality position. As the position was only advertised on Saturday, he said he will contact Boeing this week to see if they want to wait for all of the choice applicants to apply and interview then en masse, or whether they want to drip feed interviews. He said he should hear back form them before this time next week, as he would like a few more people to come forward before he approaches them. As it stands now, he said, I am the first applicant and he wouldnt have any hesitation in recommending me! Wooo Hoooooo!!! Fingers crossed for this one as I would love the opportunity to work for someone this huge. Plus the fact its exactly what Im after, and the pay and conditions are great. Oh, and plus the fact, on the description it said they wanted people with experience on CATIA (an industry standard computer aided design package) and on various Bill of Materials packages. However, if suitable applicants dont have experience, they will offer training! That alone is fantastic!So Im hoping I hear back soon as Im really pumped over this job! Oh, and Ive just noticed Dragons Den has a new series on so Im downloading it now! Other than the interview we avent doe much else. Went into St Kilda to get shopping done, and stopped off for a cake and cuppa at one of the fancy cake shops. Chocolate and Hazelnut slice! Yum! Becca also had a look about hiring a car for when we move and its dirt cheap – about $30 a day (about £12)! Bargain! 

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Good News x 3!!!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 15, 2007

OK – first piece of good news (although techincally speaking its not really good news)1, – I didnt get the job at Toyota! Now while I really shouldnt be pleased at this, I wasnt sure whether I would have accepted the job, had I been successful with my application anyway. Not really what I was after, but this does me the favour of NOT having to decide. 2, – Ive got another pre-interview interview with another job agency tomorrow, for a job at Hawker De Haviland, who are a subsidiary of Boeing. Rang about teh job today, and it sounds like Production Engineering with Quality. For whatever reason the agency guy couldnt explain in any more detail over the phone, but will breif my why tomorrow. Got to go in at 11am for more details. What I do know is that the suspected salary is in excess of $70k and its situated in the same area as Toyota was. 3, – I passed my Driving Theory Test! 91%. Was really quite annoyed going there as we got on teh right tram…but going in the wrong direction. We have Ms Crooks legendary navigational skills to thank for that! And this was the same tram she caught last Thursday to go to the exact same place!!! Dope! Anyway, we got there about 10 minutes late, and I expected to go in and re-book my appointment, but the lady at the desk said to go on through to the test area. There, an equally nice woman accepted me for the test (and even laughed that “oh no, youre late, no test for you then!”). Was very easy. She then gave me the lowdown on whats required for teh Hazard Perception test. Soudns easy too, but I’ll book that on the phone tomorrow. So there you go – its been a good day. On top of that, its been baking hot today. 28 degrees! Clouded over towards the end of the day but still nice. Now Ive got Top Gear, QI, and Have I Got News For You to watch later on! Life is good!

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Posted by captainbeaky on October 14, 2007

Bloody hell Im tired!!! Was a beautiful day today so we decided to have a walk along the sea front, and see where it took is. On our way we saw a ton of dogs, in fact, we even saw a bit of beach especially sectioned for dogs to run around which looked fantastic! And it was a huge area too! Ate some tasty fish and chips, and ended up in Brighton! Wasnt until we got back and put in where we’d been on Google Maps and realised it was a 7 mile round trip!!! No wonder we feel tired! Meant to be 28 degrees tomorrow, so even hotter! Wooo hoooooo!!!Had another one of those moments today where we still cant believe we live here! I mean, sitting in the baking sun, on a big warm rock, looking out at the sea is a BIT of a difference from Kings Heath park. I still dont think its properly sunk in! 

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