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1st 2 bad things about Oz

Posted by captainbeaky on October 1, 2007

The common sausage is bloody horrible! The pork sausage, it seems is in the extreme minority. Its hard enough to find a basic, common or garden, pork sausage, let alone pork and leek, or toulouse, or tomato and basil. No! The sausage of choice here is the beef sausage!?!? What?!? Well, I decided to take a punt one of these mutant sausages, and let me tell you its not very nice to say the least. It tastes of soap! Yuk! But dont fret, with all the meat on show at the market, and all the specialist sausage sellers (polish, german, italian, spanish sausages etc…) Im sure I’ll get my hands on a trusty British porker (insert joke here) very soon!And the gravy is horrible too. Well, Im not completely sold on this one as Im not sure what other brands we could have picked. But the brand we did pick said it was onion gravy granules, but I dont know what kind of onion they made them from! Horrible, cardboard coloured sludge. Time to pick better next time. However, if I find myself annoyed with these culinary disasters, I just ask myself, “nice sausage & gravy in kings heath” or “no nice sausages or gravy in St Kilda” and it kind of puts things in perspective! I’ll be sure to post urgent sausage updates as soon as we go to the market again! 


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