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Posted by captainbeaky on October 1, 2007

Nothing really exciting to report today. Went into town and found a ton of lovely little arcades full of posh boutique-ey style shops, restaurants and cafe’s. Some great little places we can take folks when they visit. Also found the best comic shop in the world, well at least the best comic shop Ive been in! Chock full of figures, comics, magazines etc…… Then went into the bank to sort stuff out. Would you believe that debit cards are only just hitting here? Most banks only give you a switch card, so if you want to buy anything online you HAVE to have a credit card! Its stupid! A couple of the big banks have them now, but not ours. So went to moan at them today that we wanted one, or we leave. They said that they are planing to roll out a debit card soon, but dont know precisely when.  So theyre on parole for now! However, theyre a damn sight more helpful, and less moany than anyone Ive ever had to deal with at Barclays. Caught the tram into Richmond later on to buy gig tickets, then had a walk around. Its an OK area, but reassuringly, its nowhere near as nice as St Kilda. Think we chose the nicest place around Melbourne by far. Oh, and watched Match of the Day from Saturday – bloody hell the Portsmouth vs Reading match was incredible! 7 – 4 is an insane score! Also pleased that Chelsea seem to be bottling it now. What a shame…..!


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