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We learn….make brain big!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 2, 2007

Been a great day today – weather was fantastic. Blue skies all the way. We decided to take a to Melbourne museum, but before we get to that, important news……..

Sausage Update!!!!

We found somewhere you can buy decent pork sausages – YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Queen Victoria market has a ton of god butchers stalls, each of them selling nice sausages. Pork, pork and rosemary, spicy pork, italian pork…..Im a happy bunny now!

Anyway, I digress. SO we went to Melbourne museum which was pretty good. Only $6 in and we spent a good couple of hours strolling around, looking at Australian dinosaurs, australian stuffed animals, and they had a real good bit of the museum about the brain, and all things mental, where we took a quick test and found that I my main personality trait is “Decisiveness” and Becca’s is “Idealistic”  . There was also a “Virtual Room” they had which was a 3D  glasses type room, and was actually very good. Had a simulated rainforest bit too which had a lot of stuff inside it. They had one of those Bowerbirds, that makes a curved bow-type house thing on the ground to impress the female bird. He was a fantastic shiny blue colour, and they are apparently obsessed with blue things! He had all manner of bottle tops, pen lids and pegs he’d collected. Was a good day……

…..which is slowly being ruined by trying to update my ipod. Everything downloaded ok but it crashed halfway through updating and now wont do anything! Keeps asking to be updated, but the update is nerfed, so what now?!?!? Searching forums to try to sort it out, but no luck. Worst comes to worst, I’ll just pop to an Apple reseller and get them to update it. Can sort out why my Mac crashed the update later on – I just want my ipod back!


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