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Monkey Magic!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 3, 2007

Just thought Id start this entry off with something comical I found while arsing around with Halo 3! Master Chief goes mutant monkey hunting! I really want faster internet now as Im missing out on multiplayer.Anyway, – bit of a quiet one today as it was very windy out. Sunny but windy. Popped to South Melbourne market to have a mooch about and pick up some tasty food. Yum! We walked away with fresh bagels, organic PORK sausages (wooo hooooo!), pastrami, prawns and a bag full of mussels. Could have bought SOOO much more, but its only 7 mins away on the tram, so we can pop back soon. Lots of cheeses, fish, meat and bread for us to munch on. Oh, I managed to fix my ipod woes too so happy as larry! Anywho, dont think theres anything more to add, and plus the fact the new series of House has just started. Prison Break on after it. Also, tomorrow there is the new series of Heroes, and the new $6 Million Woman series starting tomorrow, with ‘er who used to be our of Eastenders in it. Should be interesting.Anyway, House is on now so ………


One Response to “Monkey Magic!”

  1. Brutha Andy said

    Yeah – i saw that the other day – was playing co-op with some chums on legendary and he pointed it out. I woulda never had seen it otherwise. Freaky.

    By the way – its the BIONIC woman, not the $6 million woman!
    I hope she still makes the same ‘biono-noises’

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