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Sore Eyes..

Posted by captainbeaky on October 4, 2007

Not much really to report today. Didnt go out as I fancied a day in, saving money, tired etc….. So spent most of the day on Halo 3 searching for skulls. After whats seemed like a bloody age, Ive got 7 of ’em now, all WITHOUT the aid of a guide. Ive been tempted a few times to go for a guide as Ive repeated the first flood level about 8 times looking for the skull there, but eventually found it! Without giving away individual locations, dont just think finding a skull involves looking in obscure areas. So far Ive had to look in odd places, go off the beaten path, grenade jump and find skulls without completing the mission objective. 2 of the skulls Ive found were just blind luck, more than planned! Anyway, only 2 more to go!Applied for a couple more jobs at Toyata and Siemens so see how that goes. Gonna pop out in a minute to get some stuff to make sauce for our mussels. House was good last night – quite surprising! Dont worry Gareth, I wont say what happened! Not sure of our plans tomorrow as the forecast is heavy rain. Id like to go out though after spending a day in here though. 


2 Responses to “Sore Eyes..”

  1. bluerizla said

    I’ve found a couple of the skulls but not sure what to do with them, do you have to complete the level with them in your hand? how do you collect them? sorry i sound stupid.. never played a halo this much to find the skulls.

  2. Captain Beaky said

    you pick them up by presing RB. they unlock special modes which make the game harder, but increase your score in co-op.

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