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Posted by captainbeaky on October 5, 2007

I slightly less Xbox related day today. In fact no xbox at all today (so far !) So we went into St Kilda to get shopping, and realised that despite the forecast saying it was going to piss it down, it was a lovely day. Sunny, and about 22 degrees. So did our shopping, then went for a drink on Fitzroy St.Went to the Prince of Wales, which is about 3 minutes walk away and probably our closest pub/bar. Realised that in the proper Aussie bars here, a pint doesnt exist. You can buy a pot, which is a bit smaller than half a pint, or you can buy a schooner, which is a bit smaller than a pint. Carlton draught is OK, but I switched to Heiniken after a while. While we were in there, we read a few of the free music magazines that do the rounds here and found a few of the bands that we like were touring in Oz. Already got tickets to see Patrick Wolf, now weve seen that Architecture in Helsinki, The Go Team!, and The Gossip (who are playing at our local!?!?) are all touring within the nest month or two, so glad to get back in the gig-going-groove!After the Prince of Wales, we decided to stroll up to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow which from the looks of it is a “traditional British pub”. Ordinarily I wouldnt go near the place, but this place had 3 major factors that made the theme of the place seem insignificant.1, – It shows premier league matches, as well as aussie A league matches2, – It hosts  a “Neighbours” night every Monday where the cast turn up for beers.3, – It sells Kronenberg, Becks and Bulmers cider on draught! Oh, and it sells WIld Turkey!Woooooo Hoooooo! My drinking needs taken care of in one place! But we also saw another good pub, whcih seems to be owned by a Scotsman (seeing as he had a sign up saying “I know you dont care but I do – Celtic 2 Ac Milan 1!). On the back of that sign he had written “Beer. The reason I get up every afternoon”! Genius! Oh, an update on The Bionic Woman that we saw last night…..shit! it has someone who used to be in Eastenders in it, putting on a yank accent, and I really couldnt care less about the program. Badly acted, and didnt really go anywhere. I may watch one more to give it a chance, but on the basis of last night, it seems a bit rubbish. I dont really know what we’re up to tomorrow as the forecast says its gonna be crap again. But seeing as the messed up todays weather forecast, heres hoping it will be nice. Tomorrow night Im either going to watch a Premiership mass at the pub I mentioned above, or go to this. Looks very odd, and a good laugh to watch. Also, Laura, it seems like something Goold would be interested in participating in! 


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