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See…..not lazy!!!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 6, 2007

So today we actually did something!!! We decided to poke our noses around South Yarra, which is a really posh, expensive district of Melbourne. And its was real nice. Lots of posh clothes shops, boutiques and streetside cafes. So many posh big ol’ cars its untrue. They had a bloody amazing market there too. We’re going to go back there next week and buy some stuff. Loads of nice delis and a tasty looking italian place that sells fresh pasta and sauces. Could have spent a small fortune! Oh, and Becca managed to buy her 2nd pair of shoes since being here! I should be having those organic pork sausages for tea later tonight so will post my opinions tomorrow. Tried some gourmet beef sausages at the market today to see if I just tried a naff bunch last time. NO!!!! They still tasted like soap -yuk!Oh, and as you may have guessed from the pictures, I managed to pick up some Aspalls cider from the market too! Woo Hoooo!!!! Gonna have one bottle a bit later, just in case its beef aspalls or something! 


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