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Posted by captainbeaky on October 7, 2007

That, by the way is the view we had whilst eating our Sunday dinner! But more on that later…. I cant help but comment on the Rugby. I dont really care for Rugby, or like it, but I know enough about it to know that England were playing crap, and the Aussies were playing well. So Im surprised that they won, but no more than the Australian press! Ha! You should see the papers today – “English has-beens”. “beaten by the grumpy old pommy men”. “england, arguably the most disappointing team of the World Cup”. All actual quotes. And when there is a big Aussie rules final, or big cricket match or something and they win, its in the papers and on the TV for at LEAST 2 days afterwards. It wasnt even mentioned in the evening news today! It seems, like the Germans, “they dont like it up ’em!”Anyway, enough of crappy sport, what did we do today? OOOOOH! Before that……


Had those pork sausages last night and they were…….drum roll……..TASTY! Very tasty, and had fennel seeds in them – were lovely! Especially with HP sauce on ’em! The only downside of it was the hob is rubbish. Crappy electric hob, takes forever to heat up, takes forever to react to changes in the heat setting, and takes forever to cool down. Never used one before, and dont want to again. Well today, we decided to have a stroll up and down the beach, seeing as its (strangely) one of the places we havent adventured around yet!  its going under a lot of redevelopment at the moment which should be complete by Summer. Still, its still nice. And we saw about 3 million dogs, running in the water and being cheeky. We also found out that the breakwater at the end of St Kilda pier is protected as its home to PENGUINS!!!! Exciting! We are but 5 minutes walk away from possible wild penguins!!! How mads that!!! We didnt see any while we there but there loads of people about so didnt expect to. We decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal out, so stopped at the restaurant on teh back of the Sea Baths for food. Had a “trio of dips + pittas” for starters to share, which were very tasty. Pitta’s are like proper pitta’s. Nothing like the hard, thin pitta’s we used to have in the UK. For main, Becca had the “Fishermans Basket” which was full of a squillion different pieces of fish/seafood/shrimp, and I have a Barrimundi fillet, which was the tastiest piece of fish Ive had in ages! It was like steak it was so meaty! We plan on going back there during the week as they have a special $20 lunch which is about £8, and its 3 courses + a glass of wine. Only a tad more expensive than a bloody big mac meal! Bargain!And Laura, was REALLY good to hear from you (even if it was just “Hello – is Becca there!”). I hope you had a good party, and hope you didnt get too upset! I’ll smack you if you cried! I hope you plan on telling us all the juicy details WITH photos!Supposed to be nice day tomorrow so I guess we’ll be up to hi-jinks again! 


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