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I call the big one bitey!!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 9, 2007

Blimey – what a busy couple of days. Firstly, the internet. Overnight between Sunday and Monday, the internet just stopped working. I was suspicious that someone had got into my account a couple of days before that, and it appeared I was right. So went out and bought my own router, set it up how I wanted, and now all is well. Also got a speed increase to a mighty 1MB line!!! oooooo!!! Ah well, its better than the 512kbps line I was on so I shouldnt complain. Hopefully it will make Skype chats better and allow me to play Xbox online, but I havent tried either yet. Then last night, we had a visitor in our back patio thing – Mr Possum, as seen above! He was shockingly tame. Didnt mind us staring at him at all. Was less than 2 metres away, and he didnt even flinch when we opened the patio door, turned my camera on (which makes a jangly noise) or even took several flash photo’s! (which are all on Facebook). He just sat there looking happy! Bit better than maingy old next doors cat!Today, heard that a new Xbox game, not due for release until Friday was actually out. So went into town and bought it (PGR 4 for anyone interested). On the way back got a phone call from an agency asking about a job I had applied for. She wanted my permission to put me on the shortlist for sending to the employer, which happens to be Toyota. Situated 7 minutes away on the tram. Wanting to pay a salary of nearly £30k. Offering a job that I would kill for! Anyway, I told her “YES!INGODSNAMESENDITNOW”! She did, then phoned me back later and said Toyota were very interested in me, and wanted to arrange an interview. SO…..got a job interview on Friday (2 hours after my Aussie driving theory test – great timing eh!), and got a pre-interview lowdown with the agency tomorrow, when they’ll tell me what the interview will entail. Shame its only an hour before my Ear Hospital appointment – going to have to shift if I want to get to both! Also, Ive just spent the last 2 mind numbing hours doing an apptitude test for Toyota online. God damn, those things are hell! Hope I get the job cos I never want to do another one of those again!Oh, and have bought an el cheapo printer from the post office so I can print out CV’s and qualifications etc…. Ironed al my clothes, polished my shoes, found tram routes. Just got to have a shave and a shower now. Anyone wouldnt think Ive NOT got a brand new still sealed Xbox game sitting here staring at me! Tempted to stick it in now, but I think I’ll wait until after the fun and games tomorrow morning, when I’ll hopefully be on the road to recovery with my ears too! Phew – told you it has been busy! Im sure I must have missed out a ton of stuff, but if I cant remember it, it cant be that important. Anywho, Im going to get off now to eat, then shave then shower then cam then bed! Byeeee!PS – And Mom, I’ll be sure to post the minute I get back from the hospital (which in all likelyhood will be about 3am your time!) so dont fret!


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