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Job and Ears Update!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 10, 2007

Ok. So went to the pre-interview interview and it turned out to be very helpful. The woman I was talking to (an Irish lass called “Mercedes Toale”!) was really good. She just explained all about behavioral interviewing and what it entails (I wont bore you with the details). Also found out that there is only me and 2 others going for the job. Apparently, its a REALLY prestigious company. there are only 3 Toyota research centres in the world! One in Toyota City, Japan, one in Michigan, and one in Melbourne. Gave me some good pointers and prepared me for the hour long session on Friday. Pretty nervous about it, but got to keep my confidence up or they’ll see through me like a cheap shirt. Also got some reading material to have a squizz through to get me up to speed with stuff. Speaking of Friday, Ive postponed my driving theory test until Monday. I didnt really want to worry about 2 things on the same day, one after another. Also, seeing as they were so close together, I would have had to go to Carlton (North Melbourne) on the tram, do the test, tram back into Melbourne, then another one to Toyota, all in the same suit!  Id stink, and would be all creased and mucky! So now got my test on Monday at 2:10pm instead. Right, back on to today. Got to the hospital today and saw the specialist on time. He poked up my nose and looked with a mirror, and said it was all mucus-ey. Also he said I have a wonky nose! In a normal nose, the cartilage between the 2 nostrils is usually smack bang in the middle of the nose, but in mine its on an 80/20 split with a bias towards my right nostril, which he said wasnt the cause of this problem, but it wouldnt be helping it. theAnyway, he looked down my ears and said the ear drum looked “off colour” in both ears. Then stuck this thing in my ears which made a beeping noise, and gave him a readout on a machine that told him if my ear drum was vibrating or not. No vibration would indicate no air behind the drum, or a shed load of mucus! My left ear (the bad one) had no vibration at all and the right ear had some, but not normal. Also had a look down my throat and said the bit in the middle was swollen from snoring (the cheek – he said Ive got a wonky nose and I snore!) and could see the snot running down from my nose. So the diagnosis was an ear infection (I think!) He said you would have already had mucus in there from the cold I had when I flew, the flight would have closed the ear up, I then got an infection, which gummed it up even more and the fact that there is no air in my ear, there is a vacuum instead which just sucks more snot up from my nose. He said in the early stages of infection, the gunk in my ear would have been quite fluid, but at the stage that Im at now, its probably all rubbery, to the extent that he could stretch it out and it would snap back!So he’s given me a prescription for some ninja hard antibiotics. From the scribble on the prescription it looks like it said “azithromycin”, so Gareth, I expect a full scientific analysis, and Dr Lavery’s (with a litle help from Dr Sherlock of course!)  viewpoint on if its any good! He also said to buy some salt water nasal wash or something, to clean out all the muck from my nose. The antibiotics last for 3 days, after which I should try to pop my ears “100 times a day!” Sounds like fun. Failing that Ive got to go back and have a little operation. He’ll put me under, then make a small incision in my ear drum and drain the muck out. After that, he’ll stick al ittle grommet in the incision to allow normal air to pass through to be sure no more stuff remains. After that, the grommet will be removed and the slit will heal. He also started to talk about an operation to fix my wonky cartilage, but I dont think I will be going for that. Seeing as its not caused me a problem until now, and I didnt even know I HAD a nose problem until now, its not worth it. So there you go. All exciting stuff. Going to pop into St Kilda to get my prescription and have some lunch (cos its a lovely day), then come back to do interview research and play my new game! I may post again a little later, it depends on if anything exciting happens! If not, plans for tomorrow include going to town to buy a shirt and tie. 


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  1. I had a narrow nose, which made my friends to comment on the same. I had fallen in depression and did not recover until I got a cure for the same with non-surgical nose job done. Good post to go… Thanks guys!

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