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Who Knows!!!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 12, 2007

Well the interviews over with. How did I do? I have no idea. I think i did OK as one of teh blokes interviewing me said “good answer” on a couple of occassions, however there were a couple of questions I would have answered differently if I got the chance to do it again. I dunno how they percieved me. It was quite a casual interview which helped, but i dont know if they just thought I was a production engineer, and thats it, but I did tell them Ive had a lot more experience than just manufacturing. Still, we’ll see. I just gonna forget about it now. Act like I havent got it, then if I have, its a surprise, but if not, Ive not lost anything. Got another job through on email that sounds interesting, so will put in for that too. 
On a bonus note, we had a stroll around Port Melbourne after the interview which is quite nice. Popped into a coffee shop to have a drink and got a free cappucinno cos the waitress had made too many for the previous customer! Bargain! See, it doesnt take much to cheer me up! 
Been such a changeable day weather-wise. Sunny, windy, rainey, grey, bright – havent known what to wear! Shouldnt be surprised really – its Melbourne all over! 4 seasons in 1 day. Not sure of plans tomorrow. Tidy the place up is first on the agenda. Then get somebody to sign our Power of Attorney form, from teh solicitor looking after our house sale. then find somewhere to scan it in. 


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