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Racey Racey!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 13, 2007

So Ive been playing Project Gotham Racing 4 on my Xbox for a lot of today and yesterday. God damn its good! Bombing around the Nurburgring in the snow is fantastic – I was starting to feel cold! the weather effects really do add a ton to the game. In a ninja-fast sports car earlier and hit a puddle of standing water in a rain storm and the car just aquaplaned away from me – was brilliant! Ive not really enjoyed racing around the ‘ring since it first started to appear in videogames, but this makes it much more interesting. If youve got a 360, give it a try!Not done much today. Tidied the place up to start with, then went for a visit to Fitzroy, which is another suburb of Melbourne. It was OK, but not as nice as St Kilda. Nothing to write home about. That really is the extent of our day! Spoke to my folks on Skype (which is much better thanks to doubled internet speed) and received news that our house sale should be complete in 2-3 weeks. Good news, eh?! Also, Im fretting a bit about the job interview I had. I dont really know if I would want it if I was accepted. Without going into too many details, there is no practical side to the job. Its visiting customers, and office work. And I would have to learn Japanese, and get an HGV license as well as a bog standard license which I’ll be getting anyway. I was hoping for a more hands on job, one where I could get my hands dirty too. On the other hand, its a job with Toyota, just up the road, earning a lot of money so I just dont know. A more suitable job at Boeing has just gone on the market, but its advertised as “Manufacturing and Quality Engineer” so Im not sure if its referring to 2 roles or one. The detailed description isnt much help either, so I’ll ring the agency on Monday. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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