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Good News x 3!!!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 15, 2007

OK – first piece of good news (although techincally speaking its not really good news)1, – I didnt get the job at Toyota! Now while I really shouldnt be pleased at this, I wasnt sure whether I would have accepted the job, had I been successful with my application anyway. Not really what I was after, but this does me the favour of NOT having to decide. 2, – Ive got another pre-interview interview with another job agency tomorrow, for a job at Hawker De Haviland, who are a subsidiary of Boeing. Rang about teh job today, and it sounds like Production Engineering with Quality. For whatever reason the agency guy couldnt explain in any more detail over the phone, but will breif my why tomorrow. Got to go in at 11am for more details. What I do know is that the suspected salary is in excess of $70k and its situated in the same area as Toyota was. 3, – I passed my Driving Theory Test! 91%. Was really quite annoyed going there as we got on teh right tram…but going in the wrong direction. We have Ms Crooks legendary navigational skills to thank for that! And this was the same tram she caught last Thursday to go to the exact same place!!! Dope! Anyway, we got there about 10 minutes late, and I expected to go in and re-book my appointment, but the lady at the desk said to go on through to the test area. There, an equally nice woman accepted me for the test (and even laughed that “oh no, youre late, no test for you then!”). Was very easy. She then gave me the lowdown on whats required for teh Hazard Perception test. Soudns easy too, but I’ll book that on the phone tomorrow. So there you go – its been a good day. On top of that, its been baking hot today. 28 degrees! Clouded over towards the end of the day but still nice. Now Ive got Top Gear, QI, and Have I Got News For You to watch later on! Life is good!


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