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and dont call me Shirley!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 16, 2007

Feel really positive today. Went for that pre-interview interview with the job agency and it went really well. The position (of which there are 10!) is for a Quality Engineer with a bit of Manufacturing, which couldnt be more perfect. Its office work, accompanied with shop floor work too, which again, is exactly what Im after. He was saying that the company, Hawker de Haviland, which is basically Boeing, has a massive order for the 787 plane, above. It has more work planed over the next 3 years than it has had in the past 10. The nitty gritty – it pays $67k (£28,600) with a compulsory pension contribution of 9%, so in essence the salary is actually $74k (£31,600) which is fantastic! They offer paid overtime, or time off in lieu, they work on a flexi-time, theres a guaranteed pay rise of 5% next year, and 5% the year after and its all in Port Melbourne, which, like Toyota, is just up the coast. I REALLY want this job, and the interviewer said I sound ideal for a quality position. As the position was only advertised on Saturday, he said he will contact Boeing this week to see if they want to wait for all of the choice applicants to apply and interview then en masse, or whether they want to drip feed interviews. He said he should hear back form them before this time next week, as he would like a few more people to come forward before he approaches them. As it stands now, he said, I am the first applicant and he wouldnt have any hesitation in recommending me! Wooo Hoooooo!!! Fingers crossed for this one as I would love the opportunity to work for someone this huge. Plus the fact its exactly what Im after, and the pay and conditions are great. Oh, and plus the fact, on the description it said they wanted people with experience on CATIA (an industry standard computer aided design package) and on various Bill of Materials packages. However, if suitable applicants dont have experience, they will offer training! That alone is fantastic!So Im hoping I hear back soon as Im really pumped over this job! Oh, and Ive just noticed Dragons Den has a new series on so Im downloading it now! Other than the interview we avent doe much else. Went into St Kilda to get shopping done, and stopped off for a cake and cuppa at one of the fancy cake shops. Chocolate and Hazelnut slice! Yum! Becca also had a look about hiring a car for when we move and its dirt cheap – about $30 a day (about £12)! Bargain! 


One Response to “and dont call me Shirley!”

  1. Andy said

    Sounds good – hope you geddit.
    I dont know though – id be racked with guilt!
    Whenever theres a plane crash involving a technical fault on a Boeing plane, youll know it might have been your fault!

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