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Posted by captainbeaky on October 18, 2007

Another day of not much happening. Didnt fancy doing anything, and that agrees with our lack of jobs. The highlight of my day, well the first highlight, was popping into an off license and finding they sold Magners, Aspalls, Tiger and Red Stripe! So I bought a 6 pack of local stuff (Im working my way through them so I can say, with experience which is the best brew) and a couple of big bottles of Tiger that were on special . The 2nd highlight of the day, was walking past the best burger place in St Kilda, called Grill’d and seeing the sandwich board they had up front which said

Come inside and “meat” the latest graduates from Bovine University!

…..hence the Ralph Wiggum related gubbins! 

the low light of the day was hearing about Englands pathetic loss to Russia! Wonderful – can things get any worse for them? Well, they can….we wont qualify! Just as well I didnt get up early to listen to it! I would have been livid. 

UPDATE!!! We are watching an awesome program called Inspector Rex, that is basically a cross between Lassie and Mcgyver, following the adventures of a German crime fighting dog! It has fantastic, 80’s euro-synth pop as backing music! Its superb!

UPDATE 2!!!! It also has topless women in it….and its only 7.30pm!!!! Could this be the best TV program ever created…….


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