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Frustration >:o/

Posted by captainbeaky on October 20, 2007

jaquette_segarally_3601.jpg Well, Its got to go. Ive tried persevering, Ive tried  concentration, Ive tried playing it on “autopilot” – all with the same result – no progress! Its like the AI cars are on rails, and have at least 50 extra horses under the bonnet, can turn on a sixpence, and cannot be bashed off track. Im OK at racing games, but this has me stumped. Its not helped by the lack of tracks available. I was going to keep it, but straight after an annoying session on it, I played Sonic 2 on XBLA…and its just fantastic! Id completely forgotten the cave and hilltop zone! Fantastic game, put a smile right back on my face. And thats the kiss of death for Sega Rally. It puts a frown on my face, not a smile! So its a trade in tomorrow I reckon. Either for Half Life 2 OrangeBox, or more than likely, FIFA 08. In terms of an FPS, Id rather have COD 4 than HL2. Frustrating – only got 230/1000 points for it too. Still…..as far as i can see, its more than most folks got with it! 



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