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Phew! What a Scorcher!!!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 20, 2007

c2.jpgIts been shockingly warm here today. About 27 degrees. Slowly beginning to realise that its not like the UK here with regards to the hottest part of the day. Back in the UK it always seemed that the hottest period was between 12 and 1pm, but here its consistently about 3 – 4.30pm. Odd, but nice.

Went to South Yarra again today to buy nice stuff to eat. Got some tasty dips (for tomorrow but more on that later) and a “gnocchi for 2 pack” that contains enough gnocchi for 4, a tub of homemade pesto and some Parmesan, for about £5! Got there too late though and there wasnt any pastrami or and bagels left, so will get them from South Melbourne market on Wednesday.Didnt manage to trade in Sega Rally, as I didnt take any ID with me (I later found out that its a state law that you have to show photo ID when trading in games!).

While we were in Melbourne, we ate at the metro centre, and I had a ton of tasty Japanese food. Im loving Yakatori and Gyoza, so made a pig of myself. Whilst there, we noticed a bunch of folks, who appeared to be having a “meet” to discuss, dress, play with and parade their creepy Japanese dolls, like the one in the picture above. They were horrible! Putting us off our food – but I managed to track them down on the net, here. Whatever floats your boat I suppose! After coming home, we went back into St Kilda, to get some cider and have a walk about. Whilst there we got a couple of ice creams (I got a tasty double cone of white chocolate with raspberry, and a scoop of hazelnut roche), then went down to the beach to eat it. I cant express what a surreal feeling it is, knowing that 6 weeks ago we were living in Kings Heath, and now, here we are, sitting on the beach, in our shorts cos its so hot in Spring, eating ice cream listening to the sea and watching the sunset. Its just amazing. I still cant believe we live here – its like paradise.

Anyway, its going to be even hotter tomorrow. Forecast of 32 degree’s. So the plan is to catch the ferry from St Kilda pier to Williamstown and have a look around. 



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