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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Posted by captainbeaky on October 21, 2007

thermometer.gifGod damn its warm today! The news said 31 degree’s but it felt much more than that. Its still shorts and tee-shirt weather, and its 8pm! Feels about 23/24 degree’s now. Its been good though, as its been cloudy and sunny, rather than relentless sun all the time.

So as expected, we went down to St Kilda pier to get the ferry into Williamstown. Was great! What would have probably taken us an hour, to get from one side of Melbourne bay to another, it took 20 minutes! Williamstown is quite small, and more of a place to live than a “destination”. We also had our first crap experience at a restaurant. Well….I did.

They placed us outside (ok) but next to a bush that was teeming with bee’s and these strange wasp/fly thingies that were huge, but didnt bother us that much. More a visual thing. You see lots of insects and start getting itchy. However the thousands of tiny, miniscule flys climbing our drinks and hurling themselves in to a cider-ey grave DID annoy. I took the care to fish all of the tiny corpses out, Becca couldnt be bothered with her drink and supped them down! It took an hour for the food to come, and when mine eventually came it was pretty sub-standard. Calamari like rubber. However, Becca’s was OK. Service was lousy too, so we finished our drinks, paid and left. No tip for you! However, for nearly 7 weeks of on-and-off eating out, to come this far and only JUST have a crap experience is pretty good I reckon.

Walked back to the main Williamstown plaza and had a tasty ice cream while we waited for the ferry back. On which, while approaching St Kilda pier, someone spotted 2 dolphins close by playing in the water. Even though I dont like dolphins very much (attention seeking whores!) I had to have a look, just to say I had seen wild dolphins just down the road from where I live! And now I’ve said it!

Had an email a couple of days ago saying our shipping stuff has left the UK and it should reach us in the middle of November. Much sooner than I expected. I was hoping to watch the deciding round of the Grand Prix today…until I relaised it wasnt on until 3am. Pooh!!! Ah well, fingers crossed for Hamilton. No grand plans for tomorrow. I think I will pop into town tomorrow to trade in Sega Rally, buy some shorts and have a general mosey about.


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