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Welcome to Melbourne

Posted by captainbeaky on October 22, 2007

rain1.jpg32 degrees and scorching one day, 17 and raining the next! Ah well, it makes things more interesting. I couldnt stand it if it were 32 degrees constantly.  

Didnt do much today. Marvellous news about Lewis “choke” Hamilton! Oh well, theres always next season. Went to town to buy a few things. Shorts, nasal spray, and traded in Sega Rally for Orange Box. The games shop staff here are great. I couldnt see it on the shelves, which is no surprise considering its not out until Thursday. I just asked if they had it out back, they said yes and sold me a copy! Will give it a spin later, but I doubt I’ll get the best out of it until I get a decent internet connection.  Ah well, only a few days to go until I can get the ball rolling. 

 Spoke to the landlady today to sort out the specifics of our move on Thursday. Paid the up-front rent too. All we have to do now is get a hire care sorted then start packing. Will get the car sorted tomorrow, as we dont really have anything else on the cards. Oh……Mom and Dad – that letter you sent ACTUALLY got here! Only 5 weeks after you sent it!  


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