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Posted by captainbeaky on October 23, 2007

xbox360waterballoon220406a.jpgDidnt really fancy doing anything else. Saving the pennies etc…… So started the day on Flatout, which I have to say is one of the best arcade racers Ive played. A ton of fun, an amazing amount of stuff on screen with no slowdown, and a huge single player component. 

Started on Orange Box after that. Portal is amazing! The gist of the game is you have a gun that can fire 2 coloured portals onto any surface. If you walk into the 1st portal, you come out of the second. So in its simplest sense, you walk into a room with a huge gap in the middle, separating you from the exit. How do you cross the gap? Fire the first portal on the wall next to you, and fire the next portal onto the wall on the other side of the gap. Simple. But it gets much harder than that. You maintain momentum when you go into 1, then out the other. You can drop objects through them. You can fire them at the ceiling so you drop down when you walk into one. Its hard to explain, but its REALLY clever and extremely addictive. Had a go of Half Life 2 quickly, and its as good as it always was. I’ll rifle through the main game then start on Episode 1 and 2. I’ll leave Team Fortress until I get a better broadband connection. Which shouldnt be too long….

Only 2 more days left in this place now. Will start packing and boxing the few belongings we have tomorrow. Shouldnt take too long. The biggest problem we have here at the moment is no Visa cards. The bank card here arent debit cards (I think Ive already mentioned it) but it makes it very hard to buy stuff online, or in this case, book a hire car. We are having to use our UK cards for the moment, but once we move into our new place, we’ll get Bopo cards. Theyre like debit cards, but you charge them like pay-as-you go debit cards. You can transfer money onto them by online banking, or text. You have to pay a fee for all this, but its cheaper than using our UK cards. Will sort us out until the Commonwealth Bank roll out a debit card. 

 As I said, tomorrow will be packing day, haircut day for Becca, and hospital day for me. Going back to the Doc’s for a repeat visit on my hearing problem. To be honest, its not really improved in the two weeks since my last visit. The blocked nose and cough has gone but still got a load of muck rolling around inside my ear. Hopefully he’ll be able to sort something out tomorrow rather than book ANOTHER appointment.  Ive had enough of it now, and it will cost me a fortune! 


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