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Not even Wensleydale?!?

Posted by captainbeaky on October 24, 2007

gromit.jpgWent to the docs this morning and its yet again, good news/bad news but I got bored of using that same old picture! Got to go to the hospital and have that operation I talked about (make incision in my ear drum, put a grommet in [no, not a plasticine dog!] and drain the gunk out). the good news is Ive made the appointment, and am going in tomorrow! Good eh? Is pretty quick, but its a private hospital so Im paying for it. Havent taken out health insurance of yet as was waiting to see if I got it as a perk of a job, but thats by the by. I just want it fixed, regardless of cost. The bad news is that it looks like there has been some permanent damage. He did a hearing test on both ears, and while my right ear is normal, my left ear isnt. Ive lost sensitivity in the high frequency range, which he said has probably been caused by the pressure build up in my ears causing barometric damage to the cochlea. But I’d take that over having hearing like Im constantly underwater. And whats done is done, and nothing I can do can undo it so no point crying over spilt milk. Im just pleased that by this time tomorrow I’ll be able to hear again! Wooo hoooo!

So Im going into the hospital  tomorrow  at 7am, so no food/drinks after midnight tonight, and my operation is at 8.30am. It wont take any more than 20 minutes to do the operation, and shouldnt be in any pain afterwards which is a bonus. Just keeping me in the hospital bed for a few hours afterwards so I can get over the anesthetic (its general). The only ongoing thing after theyve put the grommets in is that I will have to wear ear plugs whenever I have a shower, to stop water getting in and starting an infection. The grommets should drop out after a few months. 

So there you go. An informative, if hectic, news day. Oh yeah, we’ve arranged the house move for first thing on Friday now. The landlady was very understanding, and we dont really want to be moving, with me all groggy after the anesthetic and Becca having to struggle with everything. So thats made life a bit easier. 


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