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Posted by captainbeaky on October 26, 2007

movin.jpgFirstly, before I ramble on…I can still hear! Woo hoo!! Got a bit of watery discharge this morning, which is mentioned in the “aftercare” leaflets I was given. The doc who did the operation rang me today and I told him about the discharge. he mentioned about a possible infection and said if its still like it on Monday, to make an appointment to go see him on Tuesday and he will sort me out with some antibiotic eardrops. Other than that, its great to be able to hear again!

Right, now onto house stuff. Finished the last of our packing this morning and went to get our rental car, which was a Nissan something or other. Was a fairly big hatchback sized car…and was automatic. As a consequence, we ended up driving everywhere like an epileptic having a fit. The car was spasming rather than driving down the road as Ms Crook couldnt get the hang of the fact that her left foot was on the brake, NOT the clutch! Wasnt what you would call smooth! 

Anyway, we drove back and did 3 runs over to the new apartmentand all our stuff was dropped off. The new place is much bigger than the last one. Real impressed with it. So many good little cupboards and storage spaces about the place. Only downside is the front room is a bit dark, but the back gets the sun on the afternoon so its a trade off. Its a great place! Sorted out  changes of address with bank and medicare too. Also got the phone line “turned on” by Telstra so proper internet should be forthcoming. We DO have a phone number now, but Im not sending it out to folks as we are off to buy a Skype phone tomorrow. That too will have its own phone number, and calls to that will only be charged at local rates, so you/we can natter for ages! Gonna sort out Foxtel soon, which is the Oz equivalent of Sky. 

As well as the Skype phone, we’re probably off to Melbourne tomorrow to get some boxes/storage stuff for our clothes and some general housey stuff. Is good now we’re in somewhere at least semi-permanent. We can start buying nice stuff and things that we will keep, rather than just making do for a week or 2. Is meant to be 30 degrees tomorrow too, so another scorcher!  


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