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Eyes of the hawk! Strength of the bear! Speed of the snail….

Posted by captainbeaky on October 27, 2007

istockphoto_2113432_snail_s_slow_connection_2.jpgBloody internet is damn slow today. Tried webcam chat with my folks but it was really choppy. Not long now until I can ditch this shit and get a proper connection.

Anyway, been a nice day today. Was real hot, probably about 28 degrees or so. We went into Melbourne to do some shopping, and came back with all the things we went for! Netgear Skype phone (to make cheapo phone calls via the internet), new headphones for me and Crook (Crooks broke and mine sound like crap now with my “new” ears!) and some loose leaf tea that I had at a cafe a few weeks back thats super tasty, and some fruity bagels.  All I want now is a decent net connection! Its driving me mad!


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