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Phone/Ear/Job/Neighbour stuff

Posted by captainbeaky on October 30, 2007

telephone2.jpgBeen a day of news today. Some of it exciting, some of it not so exciting, whcih has the final result of making me feel “meh”. They cancel each other out. SO on with the news…. 

Phone – a Testra engineer came over at 3pm to try to find the line fault. Checked the main line in the street (ok), checked the main switchboard thingy (ok) and and checked our phone socket (not ok).  So this means that the problem is from the switchboard to our phone socket, which isnt Telstra’s responsibility, its the buildings owners responsibility. SO rang our landlord, to ring the owners to fix it. Top and bottom of it is they are getting a private telecoms guy to come over and fix it. Gonna give him a ring tomorrow to sort out a visiting time. Either way, I dont think it will be fixed anytime soon, but we’ll see. Was really good when we were trying to find the switchboard though. Just through kindness, we had 4 other folks from the apartment block helping us try to sort it out. Was great – couldnt have imagined that in the UK.  :o(

Ears – basically, they’re fine. There is no infection, it was just some leftover muck that was being discharged. He had a look down each ear, and the grommets are still intact, and everything looks normal. Next time he wants to see me is February. :o)

Got an email a hour ago basically saying that the positions at Boeing stand a chance of being put on hold, and possibly withdrawn completely. Not got any reason yet, but the agency guy said he’s trying to confirm this and see why.   :o(

The neighbour opposite introduced herself today (we tried yesterday but she had a facepack on so said she would contact us today!). Nice girl, about our age called Anneka, whos lived her for 5 months or so, but in St Kilda all her life. Anyhow, after a brief chat she invited us out with a bunch of her friends this weekend. Dont know if it was a genuine offer or just said a passing comment, but I’d like to get out and about and meet folks, so heres hoping. Will see on Saturday.  :o)

So there you have it. For every piece of good news, we have bad news. I suppose its better than all bad news though so cant be all that bad. I just feel really down if that job is gone. It would have been perfect. Real close to home, well paid, high profile company. Poohsticks!


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