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Posted by captainbeaky on October 31, 2007


This time the picture servers no other purpose other than it being totally bizarre, and it made me laugh! I wanted to find something 20,000 related seeing as Id just broke the 20,000 gamerscore points (see right) on my 360, but strangely, this picture was one of the top results! Odd!


Done nothing today, other than the afforementiond xbox playing. Probably gonne get up early tomorrow so we can go to ikea and get  load of housey things. Gonna have to get a cab back too, as Becca wants a beanbag (for when she uses the computer) and I want a table (to put stuff on/under in the front room). And seeing as we dont have a car, its the next best thing. Still no more news on the job front. The agency hasnt heard anything of yet, but Ive asked them to keep an eye open for other opportunities. Keep all bases covered. Still really depressing though, after getting my hopes up so much.   


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