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Telstra Troubles!

Posted by captainbeaky on November 1, 2007

01112007365.jpgSo we started off today trying to get our phones sorted. Cutting a long story short, the body corporate guy came and traced our phone line back to a working line. The Telstra guy had looked in the wrong place. Dope! So had to ring and have a go at Telstra for not sorting it out the first time, and arrange a visit for tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will be the end of it!

After he’d done his thing and gone, we went over to Chadstone Shoping Centre, which is just a bus journey away. Firs time on a bus over here – and Im glad to report there were no chavs, smoking, talking in a brumy hip-hop stylee, or playing 50-cent on their crappy phones!  Its where I got the photo above. It amused me as it looked like it was saying the seat was for amputee’s, people with handbags, or fat women! Chadstone was real good. A ton of decent shops around. Picked me up some bagels and pastrami from a deli there for about £2.50! Becca got herself an aussie mobile (at last!) and I had a good look around a ton of electrical shops. Also, there was a great pt hops with puppies galore in the window. All kinds of strange crossbreeds. King Charles + japaneze spitz. Shitz hu + poodle. They looked great, and we would have loved them all!

We’ve decided to not get Foxtel (oz equivalent of Sky) just yet. Its just too much fiddling and hassle to set it up, in rented accommodation for only 6 months. Have to apply to the building owners to ahve it installed and thats before you have the annoyance of what happens when you leave halfway into your 12 months contract. So what we’re doing instead is getting a setop box with recording functions, and increasing the package we’ll be getting for the internet to allow us to download more good TV. Looking at this one at the moment.  Its not a make Ive heard of before but its top notch specialist AV stuff over here. Will get that sorted when we receive the house money, as its pretty pricey, but a hell of a lot cheaper than 12 months on Foxtel. 


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