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Annoyed, but Happy!

Posted by captainbeaky on November 2, 2007

25-scratchgoldoval.jpgDamn I feel tired! Earliest start yet today. 7.30! (god help me when I start work!) Had to be up early to sort out the Telstra guy scheduled to arrive, anytime between 8 and 12. Luckily, he came early, about 8.30 ish and cutting a long story short, he fixed it. Yay! So immediately rang Telstra and told them I was leaving! Ha! Strangely, the phone lady didnt seem surprised at all. Didnt even try to talk me out of it. Rang up broadband provider and sorted the phones with them, as well as internet. 60GB download limit, ADSL2+, so 24MB download and 1MB upload. Gonna take 10-14 days to sort it out so the countdown to proper broadband starts……NOW!

After Telstra guy left we went on over to Ikea to stock up on stuff. Baking trays, potato peelers, cheese grater etc….All boring stuff but necessary. Feel absolutely battered now though. Early night tonight. 

The crap news is (for me only) is that one of my Xbox games appears to to be scratched. Whenever I try to have a race in Gotham 4, I get the standard “disc unreadable, wipe with cloth” message, and no matter what I do, it always returns. Will take it to the city centre tomorrow to see if anyone can clean it or something. Got to go in to buy us a decent kettle (the one we have is noisy, has no water level thingy and takes forever) and a  dustbuster.  More exciting stuff eh?! 

On the exciting front, Guitar Hero 3 is out next week, and if any of the past street dates have been anything to go by, it will be on the shelves on Monday afternoon. Really looking forward to it. The tracklist looks like the best yet, and the 1st batch of downloads are pretty decent stuff too (the foo’s and velvet revolver). 

Been thinking a fair bit about Christmas today and I havent a clue what I’m going to do presents wise. Both for me and for others. Internet shopping here isnt as “big” as it is in the UK, so it makes things a lot harder. The tree’s and decorations have started going up in Melbourne, and “Santa” will be at Myers department store from next week. It just seems to close. Gonna be a bit of a damp squib this year seeing as at the moment, neither of us have jobs, we dont know anyone and now on our . Its exciting, being by the beach in the sun and stuff, but a massive change from christmas with friends and family. 


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